Exploring Growth Opportunities with Astill's Electrical Services

Client: Astill's Electrical Services

Industry: Electrical Services

Services Provided:

. Strategic Marketing Plan Development
. Brand Revitalisation
. Internal Marketing (Endomarketing)
. Marketing and Sales Strategy

The Challenge

Astill's Electrical Services, aiming to establish a robust business foundation, faced significant challenges. Their marketing efforts seemed misaligned with their growth strategies, and there was a disconnection with their marketing agency. They needed clarity on their investments and a cohesive strategy that spoke their language.

Our Deep Dive Approach

YBC believes in diving deep to understand and solve our clients' challenges. For Astill's Electrical Services, our approach was comprehensive and strategic:
01. Discovery Workshop
YBC team halted all costly marketing activities to conduct an extensive discovery workshop. This involved in-depth discussions with the management team to understand the company’s direction and goals. We ensured full alignment through several follow-up meetings with the general manager.
02. Strategic Marketing Plan
Based on our findings, YBC crafted a detailed Strategic Marketing Plan. This plan served as a blueprint, outlining necessary actions to solidify the business foundation. Key focus areas included:

Marketing Expenditure Control: Taking full control of where and how marketing funds were spent.

Brand Strengthening: More modern visual and appeal of the brand in line with their values.

Expansion Opportunities: Identifying new areas for business growth and strategising how to best achieve it.

Company Culture: Boosting employee engagement and embracing the company’s mission, vision, and values.
03. Brand Revitalisation
YBC designed a modern, professional, and strong brand identity that preserved the essence of Astill's Electrical Services - Friendly and Local. The brand rollout was strategically staged to align with the company’s budget and sustainably planned to avoid wastes and unnecessary costs.
4. Endomarketing Initiatives
To build a cohesive and motivated team, YBC focused on internal marketing. By ingraining the company's mission, vision, values, and goals within the team through a concise comms plan, we fostered a strong sense of belonging, empowerment and leadership, directly impacting productivity.
5. Marketing Focus Adjustment
We identified that significant marketing efforts were not effectively aligned with the company's goals. By reallocating the budget and focusing on high-impact areas, we laid a strong foundation for future growth.

6. Reporting and Communication
By implementing a monthly report, YBC closed the gap between Astill’s Electrical management and the directive team to the marketing agency. We used a friendly communication style and KPI-driven reports, providing confidence in the steps taken and accountability for the investments.

The Result

Our Strategic Marketing Plan provided a clear and actionable path forward. Astill's Electrical Services now boasts a stronger brand identity, a motivated team, and a more focused marketing strategy. These efforts have set the stage for sustained growth and profitability. In the upcoming year, YBC will continue to refine their marketing and sales strategies to drive revenue growth.


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