Copywriting - The backbone of your brand personality 

There was a time of my life when I was known as the girl with two broken wrists.

Yeah, that was a good time for me.

For context, I was in my early 20’s and living overseas in a small, snow town. Growing up in Australia meant the sight of snow and monstrous mountains was super exciting, I had never seen anything so beautiful. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t familiar with the downside of such beauty, and that is black ice and the danger of icy footpaths. 

Yep, tread with caution people. 

Not long after my arrival in said snow town, I found myself walking home after a night of casual drinking with my new girl pals, and before I knew it, I was on the ground with, yes, a broken wrist. 5 days passed, many tears were shed but I decided that I was ready to return to work and rock my latest accessory. My sexy, purple, plaster cast. 

Just when things were starting to look up, there was an accident. Yes, that’s right. On my walk to the staff bus, I was distracted by that stupid thing called Snapchat, and it happened again. My legs slipped out from beneath me, my head was fast approaching the cement, and my right arm was reaching for the ground as I tried to save myself. Key word being ‘tried’. What do you know, another broken wrist. 

At this point I was basically the laughing stock of the town, I would be getting served at the shops and the cashier serving me would say, ‘Oh my god, no way, my friend Chris told me about you! How did it happen?’ Acting like he didn’t already know about the event/s that led to my misfortune. Also, who on Earth is Chris? 

Obviously this is a major embarrassment, but what more could I do apart from embrace the shame? Of course, I’m going to use this to my advantage. I guess you could say, this was my brand now. 

First things first, I needed to make my story 1000 times cooler. How did it happen? Oh, I was fully sending it in the park on my snowboard and had a really bad fall. Yeah, I didn't learn from the first accident so I decided to go again and it turns out I'm still bad. 

For the six weeks that followed, the backbone of my personality was the fact I had two broken wrists. I’m not going to lie, my lack of independence came with many perks, 21 year old me certainly wasn’t complaining about the pity drinks people were buying her, and her bank account wasn’t complaining either. 

How on earth does this relate to copywriting you may ask? Well, good copywriting is all about inspiring people to take action. How? By evoking emotion and having them think, feel and respond to the words you are saying. Looking back, I can see that I was able to portray myself (my brand) through my words and actions, which in turn, was receiving a response from my friends and the people I came into contact with (my audience), even if I wasn’t intending on it to do so. 

I had a script rehearsed every time someone would ask me what happened and this enabled me to strengthen the relationships with people I was talking to, helping me build a stronger connection with my audience. Without having met me, people immediately recognised who I was. The same outcome can be achieved with good copywriting. If you maintain your brand voice, mission and express your values you will be easily recognised by your audience.

Good copywriting can be what differentiates you from competitors. I certainly wasn’t the only person in this town with a broken wrist, but I definitely was the only person in town with two at the same time! My two broken wrists immediately differentiated me from the rest of the town’s injured population. Yay for me. 

Whether you have good copy, or bad copy, it still makes an impact on your audience. So, you may as well make sure it’s the best. 

5 years later, and I certainly didn’t think I’d be working at a marketing agency telling the world about my 2 broken wrists, but hey, they do say everything happens for a reason. I guess I broke both my wrists so I could tell you about the importance of good copywriting! 

Now, please make me feel better about myself. What’s your worst travel story?

Meet our friend, Social Media Strategy. We know you’ll get along well and here’s why

I won’t lie, I love to shop online. I also have commitment issues (let’s not go into that). Recently, I was doing what I do best, browsing online stores, trying to find a new dress for that Sunshine Coast Summer weather that we all know and love. Lets just say, it didn’t take long for me to find a pretty, purple dress that filled all my heart's desires. I add it to the cart and go to make the purchase when my old friend Mr Commitment Issues pops into my head. He’s just being a good friend, reminding me of all those important things I need to consider like, ‘do you really need this?’, ‘are you sure you can afford this?’, ‘the dress probably looks good online but not in person’. 

1. Obviously I do really need this

2. I will think about the bank account later

3. I must admit I was a little worried, will this actually look good? 

Being the social media obsessed millennial that I am, of course, the first thing I do is look at the brand's Instagram and start digging. I check out the brand's feed and look for any reposted content of happy customers. Success! I find my oh-so-beautiful dress in tagged pictures, and yes, it looks even better in person (rare, I know). Consider the purchase complete. 

This got me thinking about the importance of having a social media strategy and being present on social media.

First impressions can be make or break. If I went onto the brand's social media and saw outdated content, content that was irrelevant to the target audience or random memes that made no sense at all, I may have questioned if this purchase was right for me. 

If you’re on social media, you may as well do it right. Having a social media strategy can make all the difference in your business success and here’s how:

Builds a strong online presence

The key to social media success is posting consistently. There will be no ghosting around here (at least not on our watch). Businesses that have a strong online presence know this, and they are posting consistently with purpose. One of the many perks of developing a social media strategy is that you will be able to schedule your content in advance, which keeps your followers in the loop with your brand all while ensuring you are consistently showing up on socials. 

Saves you time

Implementing a social media strategy means you will be super dooper organised thanks to our friend, the content calendar. What is a content calendar you ask? Well, it may just well be your lifesaver. Put simply, it’s exactly as the name implies, your content is planned into a calendar. You can check the calendar to see what day and time to post what content. The best part about this is that it will save you scrambling around at the last minute panicking about what to post and leaves you time to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Effectively target your audience

Wouldn’t you love to post content that you know your audience will respond to? Well, you can! To effectively target your audience you first need to understand who they are, when they are most active on social media, and what content they respond to most. Once you have this knowledge you can create and schedule content that will see you having optimal results. 

Did someone say an increase in engagement, higher sales, and stronger brand awareness? You can thank me later. 

Post with intention

Having a social media strategy in place ensures that your posts are a little less ‘random meme on a Thursday afternoon’ and a little more ‘purposeful in relation to achieving your business goals’. A social media strategy is created based around your business’s social media goals, whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, see a surge in followers, or an abundance of sales, a social media strategy will have you posting content to achieve those goals. It’s a win-win for both you and your followers as you are getting your message out to the right audience, and they are receiving value from you.

There are so many more benefits of having a social media strategy, but If you take anything from my online shopping experience it should be understanding the importance of showing up on social media with purpose. A social media strategy is just one of the many marketing tools that works together to help your business thrive. Need help creating one? Get in touch and let Your Brand Crew take care of your brand.