Cleantech Network

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Client: Cleantech Network

Industry: Clean Technologies and Sustainability Advocacy

Services Provided:
. Research and Discovery
. Strategic Plan
. Brand creation and implementation
. Website Development

The Challenge

Cleantech Network faced significant challenges in effectively communicating its messages to diverse audiences, including members, sponsors, government, different stakeholders and organisations. Without a clear strategy, their messaging was inconsistent, leading to limited engagement. Additionally, the organisation needed to establish a robust digital marketing strategy, regularly update its website with current legislation and events, and effectively promote engagement programs to attract new members and sponsors.

Our Deep Dive Approach

To tackle these challenges, we focused on branding and enhancing the user experience design and overall functionality of Cleantech Network's website.
01. Research and Discovery
Our journey with Cleantech Network began with an extensive research and discovery phase. We conducted in-depth analyses of their target audiences, including stakeholders, government, organisations and businesses.

Through surveys, interviews, and competitive benchmarking, we gathered valuable insights into the communication preferences and engagement needs of each segment. This foundational research informed every subsequent step of the project, ensuring that our strategies were data-driven and aligned with the specific goals of Cleantech Network.
02. Strategic Plan
Based on our research findings, we developed a comprehensive strategic plan tailored to address Cleantech Network's unique challenges. This plan outlined clear objectives for improving communication, enhancing digital presence, and increasing community engagement.

We crafted a detailed roadmap that included specific tactics for audience segmentation, content creation, and digital marketing initiatives. This strategic blueprint served as the cornerstone for all design and implementation efforts, guiding us towards measurable success.
03. Brand Creation and Implementation
Understanding the importance of a strong, cohesive brand, we embarked on a brand creation journey for Cleantech Network. We designed a brand identity that reflected their commitment to clean technologies, sustainability, inclusivity, and community growth. This included developing a modern logo, green and blue colour palette, and dynamic, organic shapes that symbolise sustainability and nature.

The new brand was implemented across all touchpoints, creating a consistent and impactful visual identity that resonated with all audience segments and reinforced Cleantech Network's mission and values.
04. Website Development
Our team then translated the strategic plan and brand identity into a fully functional, user-friendly website. We focused on creating an intuitive interface with clear navigation and visually engaging content.

The website featured interactive elements such as events, forms, and information sessions to foster engagement and participation. The responsive design ensured accessibility across all devices, providing a seamless user experience. This comprehensive website development effort significantly enhanced Cleantech Network's digital presence and engagement capabilities.

The Result

Our comprehensive approach to UI/UX design and website functionality effectively addressed Cleantech Network's communication, marketing, and engagement challenges. The new website offered a clear and consistent messaging strategy, improved user engagement through interactive and visually appealing content, and promoted membership and sponsor opportunities with strategic CTAs. The alignment with Sunshine Coast and Noosa Councils’ sustainability objectives further boosted the organisation's credibility.

As a result, Cleantech Network experienced increased engagement from the community, greater participation in events and programs, and a stronger digital presence, ultimately advancing their mission to champion sustainability and transformative change in the broader Noosa and Sunshine Coast regions.


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