Content ideas for your socials to get you all sparkly again

Hands down, the worst nightmare for a marketer is experiencing a creative block. So, I imagine, for a business owner who manages their own socials, the pain is a hundred times worse. Like walking barefoot on LEGO, right?

I know, it’s easy to fall into despair. In fact, it’s probably why you’re here as a last resort before changing your identity and moving to Iceland, leaving the mess behind. Relax, I have a few ideas to shake off the rust and jump back into creativity.

Behind-the-scenes videos

Video is your best friend. Though, forget a costly Hollywood production with a script, extras and an expensive location. Behind-the-scenes videos are great content, the location is a given (hello office, workshop or meeting room), and voila, you can provide your followers with insights about how your business works and the people behind your company. You can’t get a better storyline than that.


Engagement is key. The best way to get to know your fans? Ask questions. Create a poll, rustle up a quiz, add a regular question of the week (or day), even those fill-in-the-blanks can add a few entertaining minutes to the day. Be savvy and use this opportunity for some informal market research or idea testing. Keep your eyes on the prize, you want to entertain your audience while picking their brains.

Quotes and inspirational photos

What a great way to add shareable content to your socials. TIP: Customise your content by using your own branding instead of just straight sharing generic content. Add text, overlay or stickers for that extra brand-sparkle. Remember the old adage, know your audience. If your audience is 25 yr-old goths, your inspirational content will go down as fast as the Titanic. Perhaps add a snazzy quote from Morticia instead.


Excellent tool for visual storytelling. There are many easy-to-use and free programs, think Canva (shhh... don’t admit that to a graphic designer) to offer entertaining and educating content to your fans. Everyone likes a quick visual instead of a long spiel. Heck, even this blog could be summarised in an infographic.

Product pictures and descriptions

Another visual content idea to engage with your audience and remind them of your offerings are product descriptions. Having photography skills is a bonus, and it’s a surefire way to put up posts on your socials that are relevant and can start that important conversation. I personally could die for a good unboxing video or product explainer, especially one with a flair. Then again, I live on socials for my personal amusement.

You see? Not hard at all. You already have these ideas at your disposal. Invest a bit of time and create some sparkly content once again. Or, if you have no time for content creation (I get it, you have a business to run), just give us a shout and your crew will put your brand back up on the social media map.

Do you have some content ideas not listed above, or something that you wanted to do for a long time but don’t know how to get started? Please share them below.

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