The opportunity

Sarah is a local restaurateur wanting increased brand awareness and increased number of bookings. The idea is to showcase the caring job that Sarah is doing at her new restaurant “Pleasure” by enhancing her values and showing how much care she takes picking the fresh ingredients, the creativity that goes into preparing them and her eagerness for clients to enjoy the final feast.

The result

The creative team developed the message “Curate. Create. Enjoy.” as a simple but catchy tagline that encapsulates that care for the product and the client wrapped in creativity.
The campaign is intended for every visual media available (TV, socials, print, magazine, etc.). The mood is dark and colourful, focusing all the attention on the incredibly fresh ingredients.
The tv commercial is dynamic, fun, and quick. Getting close and personal with the ingredients and the hands that prepare it. The print media campaign, with magazine advertising, flyers and billboards features a small variety of hero shots joined by the key message “Curate. Create. Enjoy.” The online campaign includes related graphics, doodles and the key message “Curate. Create. Enjoy.”

Target market

young people (25-35) that care for their health and want tasty food. The audience includes couples with young children, which is reflected in a couple of pieces (billboard and ads) to show that these natural ingredients will be good for children, too.

The final product is a set of assets, digital and printed, to promote one of their signature dishes (eggs benny) focusing on the freshness of the ingredients and the care taken while preparing them. There is a one minute video about the process of the preparation of the dish, including animated graphical elements that tie in with the rest of the campaign. This video is intended to be a tv commercial, to be displayed at the screens on the restaurant and on social media.
The graphical elements include a mixture of photography and graphic design elements that would be distributed on magazines, billboards and promotional material like flyers. Furthermore, content has been created to be distributed online, both on Pleasure’s website and on its social media via Instagram and Facebook ads.
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