Don’t be shy, it’s time to look at your brand to spark that love

I always loved shoes. There, I said it and before you click out of this blog thinking this has nothing to do with you… Just wait.

Know your best features

I love shoes and I love brands. I do believe that quality is important and I love quirkiness. As it happened, a few months ago I scrolled past the most amazing, bright and stylish boots while minding my own business on good ole Facebook. My heart stopped. It was love at first sight.

How did she find me? Not so sure, but I do look at fashion, shoes in particular, quite a lot, so I’m positive, the ad used perfect targeting to connect pretty shoes with needy people (c'est moi).

I loved how the shoes were presented. I IMAGINED myself wearing those boots. The copy was written for me. ME. It implied that if I buy those shoes my life will transform into a series of fun events, and I’ll turn heads wherever I go. Pure magic.

Handcrafted in Melbourne, real leather with quality finish and comfy inner sole in sparkly, summer yellow (yep, my favourite colour). All laid out for me in that one post. Of course, I clicked on Shop Now. Who in their right mind wouldn’t? 

There it was, my newest love selling herself for 350 Dollarydoos. Say what, bucket of icy water? Bye, gurl. I love ya but right now you’re out of my league. Just like that, I closed that window on love.

She made it personal

You know that feeling when you’re being stalked? She was everywhere. In sponsored posts. Banners. Little pop-ups. The bright, shimmery minx. “I want to be with you.” “Please buy me.” “I’ll travel to you for free if you want.” Then other posts about other gorgeous flat shoes for modern women. 

Sign up now and get 10% off on your first order. Come and check out our website, we have new arrivals. Do you know how to choose the perfect shoes for you? You support local designers. Just buy me, you know you want me.

Before going to graphic on this, I let you know I did buy those damn boots. It took me three weeks, and I hummed over the decision at least eight times but I gave in.

Though, here’s the kicker…

We connected

By then I was having a lot of fun. Immediately after the purchase, I received a thank you email, detailing the time and effort that goes into making a pair of boots. Then another email when my love left the warehouse, along with some cute notes on care instructions, and of course tracking details. We were all excited.

When she arrived, she came with a handwritten note, more care instructions, and an extra shoe bag for storage. A week later another email just checking in how the relationship is going, with an extra 20% off thrown in for my next purchase. See? Everything was carefully constructed along the buyer’s journey. I could feel that the connection was real.

The formula is for you to use

What makes this a particularly good story is that it can be translated onto any brand. You can sell anything to people if you connect with them. You need to make it personal. You can do that by finding the right language. You need to know what you’re selling and who your audience is. You need to think strategically to find them at the right places. Then make magic happen. I guarantee those love sparks will go off like the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

P.S.: Our relationship is still going strong and she does turn heads wherever we go.

Do you have a favourite brand because you ‘go way back’ together? Share with us in the comments.

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