Okay, so if you’ve read any of my other blog posts like ‘Lights, camera, action: Your visual marketing strategy’, or ‘How to bring your brand to life with video content’ then you’re already aware that video is the undisputed king of content for your brand. 

Despite knowing this, you might still have some questions, like “What sort of video will work best for my brand?’. Well, to answer this I’d need to know a bit more about your specific brand and more importantly your target audience. 

There are however a few categories of video content that are commonly utilised in the marketing sector that can help lift your game, so whilst I can’t say which will help you directly (without knowing your exact need) I can explain what effect each distinct type of video will have on your audience. 

Educational video

The most common (if not the first that comes to mind) is educational video content.

Educational video is massive on platforms like YouTube, or even when directly embedded into websites. Generally educational video is a longer form of content, with in-depth dives into topics such as how to use a product or the benefits of owning it. This content can generally be easily adapted to short form content for socials as well. 

Some examples of educational videos are; demonstration/instructional videos, explainer videos, corporate training videos, and Q&A videos. All of these videos serve the purpose of informing and instructing your audience. 

This type of content shows knowledge and authority as a brand, it displays to your audience that you are capable and trustworthy and should any issues arise they will feel more comfortable knowing that you are equipped to remedy them. 


Promotional video content does exactly what it says, it promotes your brand. Videos such as; brand films, highlight reels, product/service videos, and reviews or testimonials all fall under this category.

Without promotional content how are consumers supposed to know you exist? Promo video is all about showing what you offer and drawing audiences to your brand, creating engagement and growing your reach. 

Promotional content generally finds its way onto social media in some form, but it’s often utilised as part of a larger offering, eg; material for websites, comprehensive marketing campaigns, event summary packages, etc. Promotional video is also the type of video you would see on television, commonly referred to as TV ads. 

Promotional video is a call to action, it exposes your audience to your brand and shows them how they would benefit from your product or service. It is a tool for selling and high quality promotional video creates a feeling of authenticity and trustworthiness between your consumer and your brand, as they feel more inclined to purchase from you after seeing content that makes you look and feel professional. 


Generally speaking all content your brand publishes should aim to entertain, it does no good to have your audience falling asleep halfway through any of your marketing material but some content should be geared more towards sparking fun in your audience rather than trying to push a brand message. 

Evoking joy and humanising your brand is a massive part of today’s business to the consumer marketplace, people don’t like to buy from businesses anymore, people want to buy from people. Utilising video as a transparent medium to showcase a bit of the fun side of your brand is always going to benefit your bottom-line. 

Some examples of these entertainment pieces are; behind the scenes video, skits for socials or recurring social segments, vlogs, and once again brand films - depending on the messaging a brand film could fit more snugly in one category or another. 

These types of video offer your audience a chance to connect with your brand and the people who make it function. Often it is the entertaining videos that can help give your business that strong brand recall as consumers will enjoy and remember these videos even more than the promotional content you produce. 

Additionally, having a spokesperson or brand representative to ‘put a face to the brand’ can do a lot to help with your brand image and engage your audience with these types of videos.

But which type of video should I be using?

Combining all these various formats of video from the three categories above is a solid strategy. To start with, get some brand awareness with promotional video, maybe a brand film distributed via socials. 

Follow that up and grow your relationships with entertainment video such as behind the scenes to humanise your brand and strengthen the bond between you and your consumers. 

Finally ensure you have some how-to or tips and tricks videos to create some educational content and lend your business that extra authority and trustworthiness that consumers are looking for. 

This is just one suggestion of how to make different types of video content work for you, but the possible mashups of different forms of content are endless. 

Basically if you’re looking to grow brand awareness, focus on promo content like highlight reels, reviews and brand films. If you want to strengthen relationships with an existing audience, create entertaining content such as behind the scenes, vlogs or skits. 

If a more authoritative position is what you’re chasing then educational content like instructional or Q&A videos that show you know what you’re talking about is what you need. 

Knowing what type of video and the purpose it serves means you will know exactly how to engage and interact with your target audience, so using the knowledge of how different videos affect audiences is critical to utilising video as a tool in your brands marketing strategy. 

Want more? Come in and have a chat and we can help work out what types of video you can use to boost your business or I’ll see you in the next blog, until then adios amigos 😉

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