Graphics, visuals and digital design, are you all over it?

Are you a small business owner wanting to cut costs as much as possible? One of the first ways businesses attempt to reduce cost is by minimising the cost of graphic design. So, they search on google and find a stock logo amongst thousands of websites and then success, they have a logo design for less than $20!

But, there's a big difference between buying a $20 logo online and developing a brand identity. Brand identity and unique design is what sets you apart from other brands and represents what your business stands for. If your business doesn’t have a brand identity it means you’re building your business to be invisible, because people won’t recognise your brand amongst the thousands of other businesses. 

Still not convinced you need a graphic designer on your team? Let me give you five reasons why you do:

Creates professionality

In order to have professional designs, you need to work with a graphic designer.

First impressions count and at first glance it only takes a few seconds for a customer to make a decision about your brand. With unprofessional branding, you run the risk of potential customers passing you by. Put simply, if you don't look good enough they won’t choose you.

A brand is not only about the logo or graphics, but it’s also about the whole company. Their strategies, missions, visions, and visual messages it portrays. A graphic designer creates a creative and professional brand to help communicate these things to your target audience through visual communication, which builds trust with your customer. 

You stand out from competitors

Having a stock logo or using online design websites isn’t going to help your brand stand out from competitors. It's important to note, when you use template designs you’re not the only one who’s doing so, with thousands of other businesses using those templates as well. So, from your customer's perspective you’re not special as they can’t distinguish you from other companies. Do the best you can to help your business stand out from the crowd and help your customers distinguish your brand by establishing a unique design.

Improves your brand image

Have you noticed how biting an apple would remind you of your iPhone and Apple brand? This is because Apple has a strong brand image.

By using professional branding your customers will remember you anytime, anywhere. A simple shape or a minimal design by an experienced graphic designer can build your brand and improve your brand image.

I can’t reveal the secret, this is the graphic designer’s mystery!!

Saves time and money

You get what you pay for, so it’s always better to have the work done once with a reasonable price than being worried about poor designs which you would have to ask to be changed repeatedly.

Graphic designers use the right tools for each job to improve efficiency, they also find the best way to design your materials while keeping your printing cost to a minimum. They know how to do their best in a quarter of the time and keep costs down. Simple things like choosing the best paper, size, and colour for printing can make all the difference and with their expertise you can trust they know how to make the right decisions. If you are looking for the best results, I’m afraid you won’t get that from  Microsoft office or online design websites. You just waste your money and time.

Experienced Web Designers always have better ideas and approaches on how to build and create websites and online platforms for businesses based on the requirements and needs case by case and category oriented.

You might be able to build your own online store through a web platform with a very low cost, but it’s not the best way to sell your products. A good website is not only about the look, it also consists of having a good frontend, backend, optimised and flawless database design and efficient SEO.

David Ogilvy, the father of advertising once said: “Pay people peanuts and you get monkeys.”

Offers you a fresh, professional, perspective

You can look at a design for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at the design for a second and think of it all your life.

It’s important to think, what would make a customer choose you amongst thousands of others when you have no uniqueness and innovations in your branding?

You are more likely to attract new customers when you have fresh ideas in terms of visually communicating with them to sell your products and services.

As a business owner no-one knows your business better than you, but it’s not easy to explain this in a visual format. Your brand and designs bridge you visually to your customers.

Brainstorming with a designer illustrates your visions to you and helps you to make an efficient decision about your brand.

Your brand is your baby. You need to look after it for it to grow. Good treatment and care makes your baby stronger and healthier.

Graphic designers play a big role in achieving these objectives and walk you through this way gradually. So, why not take a load off and let the professionals do it for you? 

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