How to bring your brand to life with video content

As the ladies always say to me, your personality is your point of difference. I have often found myself described as having a big personality. 

Whether that’s a good thing or not I have yet to discover, but one thing is for sure, I know how to communicate it (generally with sit-com quotes and terrible karaoke renditions). 

Every business has a point of difference and a personality that aligns with their mission. The same is applicable for your brand. 

Finding the right way for you to communicate is a major player in business success and yes, if you want to then karaoke is a viable strategy here. 

If you aren’t one to stand up and belt out some Backstreet Boys like myself then let me champion another medium for your brand - video. 

Video is a surefire tool that can assist you in bringing your brand to life and showcasing what you’re all about, which ultimately is what your audience wants to see. 

Video is like the main vocals for your performance, carrying your message across to your audience and keeping them entertained while you do it. 

And so onto the main event - how does video bring your brand to life? 

The face behind the brand

Video is a transparent communication method, which means it cannot be greatly altered or changed in comparison to other types of media. 

This is a winning ticket for branding, because as we all know your vibe attracts your tribe, so utilising video to convey brand messages and your brand personality offers a window of transparency to your audience and builds trust. 

This communication transparency means that your brand communications are more likely to hit home with your intended audience, meaning that the individuals and groups you will attract to your brand are going to have personal values that compliment your brand values.

Building this community that shares similar beliefs and attitudes as your brand will lead to a more stable and successful business. 

Communicates your brand message

The greatest power of video is the ability to tell stories. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and video is even more potent. Imagine the stories you could tell with thousands upon thousands of words at your disposal.

The biggest challenge associated with telling that story would be finding an audience committed enough to read the entire thing, but a visual medium like video eliminates that stress on the consumer by presenting that story in a time sensitive and engaging manner. 

This allows you to effectively distribute your desired communications to your audience without them having to read an essay on what you’re all about.

This is what makes video perfect for communicating your brand message, the ability to disclose things such as brand values, mission, goals, or service offerings in a powerful, time sensitive and honest way that audiences can engage with. 

Add value for your audience

Authenticity is one word I use when describing video marketing. Video feels authentic and makes it difficult to communicate anything but the truth, no hiding behind a keyboard or a still image. Your audience will see and appreciate this. 

Every time a member of your current audience opens a video communication from your brand they are going to feel rewarded and encouraged. 

Viewers in your wider audience will feel more persuaded to try your product or service or at the very least engage with your brand to a greater extent. 

This authenticity makes video communications feel like they are more targeted and specific for your audience, they feel that the content you provide for them is adding value to their lives.

In addition to this, it all comes back to video content being fulfilling and engaging. A viewer who spends five minutes watching a video promotion is going to feel more fulfilled than they would if they instead had to spend twenty minutes reading a text post which conveyed the same information. 

Alternatively, that individual may not even read all of the information presented to them in the text as it likely wouldn’t keep them engaged for that period of time. 

Strengthen relationships with your audience

Finally, the ability to cultivate and foster relationships with your audience is an integral part of what makes video content so effective. 

Humans are social creatures, we crave interaction and video allows brands and business owners to put themselves in a position where they can interact with a large number of individuals at any one time. 

Video allows an audience to see right into the soul of your business, no smoke and mirrors and no flashy sales tactics, just the meat of your meal. 

The transparent nature of video, the engaging and time sensitive means of communicating and the value added through authenticity all work together to create meaningful and fulfilling interactions for your audience. They help build a more intimate and trusting relationship. 

So, if you’re looking to create an environment and brand culture so infectious that your audience is hooked (and you aren’t prepared to give open-mic night a try), then video is the way to go. 

Get out there and get started. Your brand’s personality is going to be as unique as yours, so be sure to take every step possible to convey that to your audience. Remember, it's absolutely true, your vibe attracts your tribe.

Have you ever seen a video that stopped you in your tracks, wanting the same for your brand? Let us know in the comments.

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