First impressions count. Imagine you are going to the shops over the weekend to buy a fancy dress for a party. 

You can find many stores at your local plaza that sell lovely dresses. The question is, which storefront or window display will encourage you to walk in and buy your dream dress.

Love at first sight can only happen if the window design is stunning.

Of course, it’s just the first step. The seller's behaviour, price, how the dress fits your body, etc. are also important, but surely that initial look at the shop window got you inside in the first place.

Same goes for online shopping. Your website is your store. Whether you sell products or services your website needs to be stunning and inviting.

Today there are over a billion websites on the internet, and they are all trying to capture the attention of the customer. 

As a user, why should I click on your website link on Google instead of the million others?

There are a few things to consider when building a visually appealing website.

Don’t panic, those are not secrets. Let me share some tips with you on how to encourage your customers to visit and stay on your website.

What Makes a Good Website Visually Appealing?

There are five basic elements that need to be considered when designing a visually remarkable website. 

Colours are your identity

Colours catch the eye, and provide an instant layer of communication.The website’s colours should match with your brand identity colours. The best way to evoke user emotions is using effective colours. 

This is something to consider when choosing your brand’s colour palette. You need to pay attention to colour psychology. That means how colours impact human behaviour and emotion

You must also remember that your website should be easy to read, so avoid using too many bright colours.

Font is your intonation

The font you’re using on your website doesn’t necessarily have to match your brand or logo. Sometimes your brand font is not easy to read on the screen. So, make sure whatever font you’re choosing online is legible.

I do recommend to use two different types of fonts in your headers but keep your body font simple and easy to read.

No stock photos please

Avoid using stock photos from Google. You can use stock photos from websites like Freepik or Unsplash but many brands and websites are using those photos as well. 

Looking at exactly the same and boring images will not inspire your users. What is the solution? Hire a professional photographer and make your website visually unique and important. 

It’s not that expensive to hire a photographer to take pictures of your office, team and your products. Think about it as an investment with a high ROI.

Make it simple but significant

Keeping design simple allows for the “clean” look that people are looking for.  Do you like to go to a higgledy-piggledy, crowded and overwhelming store for shopping?

Your customers prefer finding their way around very easy and quick. 

Creating user-friendly websites with easy-to-understand navigation and page layout are what determine how users interact with the website.

Use a simple and clear menu, Add a ‘help desk’ feature of some sort and enough information to help your customers understand how to navigate your website. 

Your layout should focus on ease of use and ease of reading. Keep things simple and to the point.

​​Optimise your website for the mobile version

There are no excuses, your website must work well and look great on any platform. You don't know where your next user is coming from. Just a hint though, almost 60% of people browse on their mobile instead of a desktop.

Optimising your website for mobile and tablet will improve the user experience and it is helpful for your SEO rankings.

So, as you can see, these steps are simple and easy but when implementing you’ll get instant and improved results. 

Now, it’s your turn to help me improve my knowledge about customers’ online habits. What encourages you to stay on a website and escape another one? Happy to read your opinion in the comments box.

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