The Profile Picture on your socials is kind of a big deal

You are being judged every darn day based on your social account’s profile picture. Yes, really. The seemingly simple task of uploading a cute photo of your mug to your umpteen social accounts can shape the way people think of you - before they even meet you. 

You might think that’s not fair, but you do it yourself, don’t you? On Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and anywhere else you need to “find a friend.” The moment you see their pic, you are automatically (albeit unintentionally) forming an impression of them and whether they’re trustworthy, fun, intelligent… or not. 

It goes without saying, then, that crafting your profile picture is one of the keys to defining your personal brand and maximising online networking. 

As Media Production Professionals, we’re going to give you some hot tips to avoid cringey or just plain damaging profile pictures. You can thank us later. 

  • Let us actually see your face
  • There’s no point telling someone to “find me on Facebook,” if when they look up your name, there’s a picture of *someone* staring out over the foggy mountains. 

    It seems like such a no-brainer, and look, we know you love mountaineering, but maybe your profile picture isn’t quite the right place to emphasise this? 

  • Frame yourself properly
  • Not so close that we can see your pores and/or nose hairs, but not so far away that we can see your hips. You want your face to fill up most of the space, but still show a little of the background. 

    Remember that during the “scroll” your profile picture can be quite small, so make sure to give your fans the best opportunity to see that lovely smile of yours. 

  • Boost the Smile Setting
  • Body language is easily read in photos and there is more to your smile than your teeth. In this article you will learn about the 10 types of smile and what they mean. 

    Ultimately, if you want to portray a genuine openness to connection and invite opportunities in, avoid the dominant mugshot and show us those Pan Am pearly whites! 

  • Colour yourself Clever
  • Standing out online could be as simple as ensuring you use bright, contrasting colours in your imagery. Here’s an interesting question… What colour do the most popular Social Media platforms use heavily? 

    If you guessed blue, then you can have a cookie. 

    For the bonus round… What colour compliments blue?

    Orange is the answer, and you can have two cookies. 

  • Keep the background simple
  • If you want to show everyone a picture of your flourishing veggie garden, that’s great, but using it as your profile background takes away from the subject at hand - you. 

    Best practice is to keep it a simple and flat background, which gives you the opportunity to create colour contrast without actually having to change your clothes. 

  • Use a Professional
  • Lose the selfie stick. Stop scrolling through your profile’s “photos of you” for the right image. Don’t think that your fans don’t see the quality difference between your iPhone and professional equipment. They can. So let the professionals do it for you and you’ll be forever grateful that you did.  

    So there it is. Some very obvious, but sometimes overlooked unwritten rules on creating a clear and approachable profile picture for your socials. 

    Of course, if you’re not in the business of trying to grow your network and wanna place your cat at the forefront of your account, great! 

    Do you have any other tips for us? Let us know in the comments.

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