Lights, camera, action: Your visual marketing strategy

Are you wondering why you should choose video as a weapon to utilise in your marketing arsenal? Here’s a better question: why shouldn’t you?

Now, I may be a bit biassed but the facts don’t lie, video advertising is one of the most powerful tools that a business can have at its disposal when trying to communicate and actively engage with an audience. If you aren’t taking full advantage of video content for your business then you aren’t operating at your full potential. 

Even I myself, as a videographer, must shamefully admit that I am susceptible to video advertising. Have you ever seen a stunning video for a product or service and thought “wow, I have got to have that!”... I know I have. 

A recent example would be my new lifting straps for the gym (for those who aren’t gym literate - a lifting strap is a completely unnecessary piece of gear that relieves some of the pressure on your gripping muscles when you hold heavy weights). I have never used lifting straps before, I have very rarely seen them used and I have never needed to use them, thus, I had absolutely zero intentions of ever purchasing lifting straps, but when the big buff guy on the pretty video advertisement told me that these ones would help me take my gains to the next level I didn’t even hesitate. 

Incredible that all it took was some cool shots of a muscled bloke in a way too small singlet and some way too short-shorts picking up some really heavy things and putting them down again to make me buy this product which I still, to this day, have not used (they’re pretty awesome to look at though).

Now, after hearing that little gem of an impulse purchase you may be thinking “how did they do that to Aaron’s, obviously genius, brain?”. Well, let me give you three reasons why video marketing is so effective.

Video marketing increases engagement

For starters, absolutely nothing increases engagement the way that video content does. Everybody loves watching video, especially if it’s visually appealing content, so by adding video to your socials or websites you are thereby increasing the amount of time that any consumers or potential consumers are spending engaging with your brand. 

No simple text post or photograph could possibly entertain an audience for upwards of several minutes, but with video this feat can be achieved with a little bit of planning and a reliable distribution platform. 

This increased engagement in your brand translates directly into sales and a more successful business. 

Take the lifting straps for example, if everything that shredded guy on the advertisement spoke about had been a text post then I can guarantee you I would’ve scrolled straight past it without a second thought. Instead I spent four and a half minutes watching and engaging with that gentleman’s brand, and at the end of the experience I ended up making the purchase. 

Video marketing educates your audience and builds trust

Video is without a doubt the best medium for storytelling and with video marketing that’s exactly what you’re doing, telling a story, the story of your brand. The nature of video marketing means that customers can relate more to your brand and that allows you to forge stronger connections and foster greater trust and loyalty amongst your consumer base. 

Additionally, video allows you to SHOW an audience, rather than just TELL them. You can read all day about the benefits of a product or service but it’s an entirely different experience when an audience can see for themselves what your brand is offering them through a medium that is more transparent than traditional forms of marketing.

Once again, this brand trust translates into sales which translates to business success. 

Video marketing increases your exposure

Lastly, video content is all about exposure. Not the indecent kind that bloke with the really small singlet was getting in the advertisement for lifting straps, the business kind of exposure. 

In regards to the online world, video content is as much as fifty times more likely to rank on website searches than text posts or still images. Did you need to hear that again? As much as fifty times more likely. Whilst you’re picking your jaw up off the floor I’ll also add that social media algorithms love video too, the majority of the promotional content you see on daily scrolling is almost always video. 

As many as fifty-five percent of online users claim that they consume video content daily on the web, and this trend is looking to grow more and more in the future as the distribution and consumption of video content becomes more advanced and accessible. With an increase in content consumption by audiences, video has become a tool with a massive reach and impactful position within the marketing game. 

So, video generates greater exposure, and what does exposure lead to? You guessed it, business success. 

I have to say if you aren’t already utilising video content as part of your marketing strategy then I hope you are now considering the benefits, because there are plenty. Adding professional video to your business’s toolkit will grow your brand. Get in contact with Your Brand Crew and we’ll prove it. 

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