Lost for words? 5 ideas to start blogging to propel your business

First, I must admit that I’m a big introvert. However, give me a topic that I’m interested in (like blogging for your business) and I will talk nineteen to the dozen (or “speak through the elbows” as we, crazy Spaniards, say). A bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Once I turn, I chew your ear off.

So, with my best Mr Hyde impression, we better get going.

Second, I have to give this some structure because I shouldn’t start mumbling (there is so much to say about blogging though!). Shhh… Patricia, you’re at it already, stay on track! 

There are so many interesting topics to write about to help your business grow, from attracting traffic to your website, to building your brand and ultimately converting more sales. To make it easy, let’s look at five main categories of blog posts that will propel your business.

Hang on… before starting, I just want to remind you of the importance of giving, giving and giving value to your audience. 

Write like a real person and don’t stuff your blog post with keywords just for Google to love you. Choose only one keyword and use it along the way, only when and where it makes sense. Be yourself and talk like a human.

Now, back to the five types of blog posts that you should be writing frequently.

Power posts

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. It’s so demanding to create thorough and well-researched content, but it turns out that it is the type of content that adds more benefit to your audience.

A “power post” is an insanely valuable post, with a great deal of research behind it, like this one, that will make your readers go WOW! It’s a cornerstone piece of content with plenty of really useful information that will quickly position you as an expert on the topic. 

It’s very important, especially for this type of post, due to the vast amount of information, to create a good structure and display it with a clean, attractive design. 

No one wants to get lost in a river of words.

Story and Branding posts

Now it is time to shine and most importantly to show yourself. Don’t hold back!

These types of blogs carry your message, show what you and your business stand for and humanise your brand. Check out Krissy’s super-lively post about the value of your marketing plan.

They could be case studies, telling great stories about the people you have helped, the story of your business, behind the scenes, one day in your life (to satisfy everyone’s inner voyeur),  books, podcasts or other resources that have influenced you, or even something as mundane as a rant (to show what you truly believe in and what clashes completely with your values).

Industry and community news

“Educating your audience” may not sound very exciting at first, because, let’s admit it, nobody likes to be a know-it-all. However, you’d be surprised at how little some people may know about your business or your industry. 

Most of the time, they don’t ask, but it’s not because of a lack of interest. Rather, they don’t have a clue about what happens on your side of the fence. (Or maybe they just don’t want to unleash your inner Mr. Hyde).

Also, talk about how recent events are shaping our reality (like how covid 19 has made the world more digital than ever and live streaming is a priceless opportunity to reach anyone anywhere in real-time). Even, to talk about how they’re affecting your industry, the impact of local initiatives and innovations that are interesting in your field of expertise. 

Use simple language and make it understandable. That way your audience will know what they can talk to you about at the next networking event. DON’T FORGET to pop your own opinion on the topic, it will tie back to your branding and what your business stands for.

Reference posts

Have you ever found yourself repeating the same concept/idea over and over again when people ask you “What is such and such?” or “Is audio really that important?”.

A reference post is a simple post about a concept, fact or opinion that you often find yourself referring to when you are trying to explain some other thing. These posts are fantastic because they help you build your internal links and keep more people on your page. 

Also, they are incredibly useful and rewarding for your audience since they can quickly understand what you are talking about and have a better experience with your brand. Low effort, big reward!

Conversion posts

Intentionally left as the last of the pack, conversion posts are necessary, but they may be overwhelming if the language is sales-y or pushy.

Avoid writing only promotional posts, or even write more than 10% of your posts as pure promotional posts. Instead, use these posts strategically. 

You may write a tutorial about how to use a product that you sell, a step by step guide to maximise its use, and a great story on what your audience can do to make their brand look a 1000 times cooler.

You can also write a case study post on how your unique solution helped a client, how to prepare for your upcoming service, new product announcement or updates that will benefit them and some exclusive promotion that you will launch.  

The aim is to teach people everything they need to know to become your client, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

In conclusion, blogging is an amazing asset to drive traffic to your website, get social shares, build your brand and your audience, gain credibility, be found (not only by Google but also by your audience) and ultimately increase your conversion.

And just before turning back into Dr Jekyll, let me reiterate: 

  • Give more, more and more VALUE.
  • Be yourself, show your personality.
  • Don’t stuff your blogs with keywords.
  • Use uncomplicated language and add your opinion to the mix.
  • And what we think is a given, but may have slipped your mind: BE CONSISTENT. 

After all: “Success isn't about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” Dwayne Johnson

So, go on, start blogging! And keep an eye on “your news” for a future post on how to write killer blogs. Join our newsletter to be in the know.

We are curious to know: what type of blog post will you write first? Comment below 👇

PS: Dr. Patricia Jekyll is signing off.

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