How to assist the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce (MCC) reach the next level?

Cultivating the seed that will Inspire future generations to live through our Legacy.
Client: Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce - Marketing Subcommittee

Industry: Business Members Services

Services Provided:
. Comprehensive internal and external business analysis
. Benchmarking through national and international chambers
. Long-term 9-year vision with clear milestones
. Achievable objectives, strategies and tactics
. List of recommendations and immediate actions

The Challenge

The members of the Chamber that attended the initial intake were very clear on stating that the current status was good and that what was being done at the moment was a demonstration of how well they were doing, including a healthy budget and amount of members; however, it was highlighted across the meeting that they were very eager to understand how to reach the next phase?, “sell the house”?, “be disruptive?”, “deliver real value?”, “have own culture?”, “leave a legacy?” and “see what we don’t know?”

Our Deep Dive Approach

Through YBCs ‘Ocean Thinker’ mentality the team was able to brainstorm their present and challenges, analyse their opportunities and provide a long-term 9-year vision, which we truly believed was the way for them to cultivate the seed that would inspire future generations to live through their legacy.

It is important to mention that although MCC was not expecting a full comprehensive Plan, YBC went above and beyond and elaborated, through comments from the members, a document that could provide more answers to their high-level concerns.

The value we provided included:
1. Biz Boost Session and Intake Meeting
Our Crew performed in-depth gatherings with members of the Marketing Subcommittee, in order to extract all the necessary information we required to be able to analyse their current situation and come up with innovative solutions to their challenges. Within these meetings we conduct a series of questions and allow all participants to share their thoughts, through rich discussions in order to find the responses to our work.
2. Strategic Marketing Plan
Based on our findings, YBC crafted a detailed Strategic Marketing Plan, which provided a comprehensive outline of where the organisation was at, detailed research that backed our findings, clear objectives with its respective strategies and actions, and immediate action that could be implemented the next morning.
3. Benchmarking
Within the Plan, we incorporated detailed benchmarking information that would allow the Chamber to find new ways of moving towards the future being different from the rest. This data allowed us to suggest innovative strategies that could help the members understand that these could be easily implemented in the short term.
4. Long-term vision
In order to provide the members with a point of difference and a response to their ‘bigger concerns’ on how to reach the next phase, we went above and beyond with our responses to their questions and contributed with a high level 9-year vision. This long-term idea included a series of goals that could perfectly be achieved if the Plan was followed as per our suggestions, allowing them to get to a very high level compared to their direct competitors.
5. Inspiration
We identified the necessity to not only provide a Plan and a long-term vision, but deliver real value through inspiration. YBC provided the group a unique booklet that had high level information, focused on the 9-year goal and through inspirational messages that would engage with the team to actually move forward with our proposal. We included the tagline ‘Cultivating the seed that will Inspire future generations to live through our Legacy’ and focused on the importance of believing that this could be achieved and that through this real change of mentality, they could reach that next level as an organisation.

The Result

YBCs final presentation was a success, which was confirmed by members and other stakeholders, and allowed the Chamber to rethink strategies and their thoughts on how to move forward. The document, slides and booklet provided clear information on what to do next, the following few years and most importantly, inspiration for a long-term vision.

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