The opportunity

In this project, we created a variety of content for Monaco Resort in Caloundra. In just a few hours, and without taking barely any of the staff’s time, hundreds of engaging and relevant photo and video content was created. Once edited and prepped in the office with the pre-planned social media calendar, and with a few clicks, their purposeful content with copy was scheduled for three months ahead.

The aim was to keep engaging with their followers through the adorable Max the Concierge, the idyllic and peaceful resort imagery, and show the staff’s fun personality, so their fans will be excited to (re)visit those enchanting turquoise waters of Caloundra.

The result

Monaco has increased the engagement on their social channels due to the consistent content and real-time moderation of posts and comments. The fans are delighted to see their favourite hangouts, staff and scenery, and they are happy to voice their love and support. The social content provides a strong brand presence for Monaco in their audience’s life.