Building Community Through the Multicultural Jobs Fair & Business Expo

Client: CCC

Industry: Event Management / Community Development

Services Provided:
. Brand Creation
. Marketing Collateral Development
. Website Design
. Social Media Management
. Event Coverage

The Challenge

Several stakeholders on the Sunshine Coast collaborated to launch the Multicultural Jobs Fair & Business Expo, a career expo focused on providing employment opportunities for people from multicultural backgrounds.

Many newcomers to the Sunshine Coast struggle to feel a sense of belonging in the community, making it difficult for them to find jobs that allow them to contribute meaningfully while fulfilling their own needs.

Our Deep Dive Approach

Your Brand Crew never ceases diving deep to explore the most prolific solutions to overcome the challenges. For the Multicultural Jobs Fair & Business Expo, our approach was comprehensive and strategic:
01. Brand Creation
YBC recognised the need for a memorable, inclusive brand. With the keywords Create, Connect, Contribute, our design team developed a modern color scheme for the expo. Our brand, symbolized by a colorful bird, evokes freedom, hope, and inclusivity. Overlapping circles represent the migrant journey and transformation, highlighting resilience and determination. The diverse sizes and colors of the circles signify the richness of different cultures coming together as one.
02. Visual Identity
The colour scheme, featuring shades of blue and orange, conveys modernity and sophistication while representing the vibrancy and energy of diverse cultures. The clever use of negative space in the design created a subtle yet impactful visual message, reinforcing the expo's values and mission.
03. Marketing Collateral Development
YBC developed all the necessary marketing materials to promote the brand and the expo. This included creating flyers, brochures, and posters that were strategically used to generate excitement and keep the community informed about the event.
04. Website Design
We developed a vibrant and user-friendly website to showcase all relevant information about the expo. The website served as a central hub for updates, registration details, and event highlights.
05. Social Media Management
YBC managed the communication on social media platforms to engage with the target audience, share updates, and build anticipation for the event.
06. Event Coverage
During the event, the YBC team covered the activities by capturing a bank of photographs and video footage to be used in future communications. This content would help in promoting the next year's expo and keeping the community engaged.

The Result

YBC's overarching approach resulted in a well-received brand and a successful Multicultural Jobs Fair & Business Expo. The event saw several attendees finding employment opportunities, and exhibitor businesses were able to raise awareness about their eagerness to hire newcomers. The success of the event secured funding for it to be held again in the following year.

To build on this success, YBC created several engaging videos for the upcoming Multicultural Jobs Fair & Business Expo 2024 and refreshed all communications with updated information. We are excited to continue supporting this important project for many years to come, celebrating the richness of different cultures and the transformative power of diversity.


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