Nan and Pop’s rebrand

The opportunity

Family owned and operated local business Nan and Pop’s Fruit Shop operate in a competitive industry. When not competing against other local farmers to supply fresh fruit and vegetables to the local community they have the problem of facing off against supermarket giants who can reduce costs with their buying power. To stand out from the competition Nan and Pop’s needed to offer something different. Something home grown. Something that meant more to a community. Their brand at the time didn’t really reflect the charm that the brand had the capability to project.

The solution

We engaged with the owner’s of the Nan and Pop’s Fruit Shop and looked fully at what their product and service offered. It was clear that the generic and out dated look that they had was not helping. We developed the brand offering to position them as local and direct giving them a much stronger attraction to the local market. On the Sunshine Coast, it is very much a local area of trust and feeling that interacting with a local brand is better than deadling with a large franchise or chain that may not have the local area’s best interest at hand. We created a much softer and warmer visual brand that spoke to a more gentile time of local service. We develops their new tag line ‘fresh from gate to door’ to imply their unique offering of serving you the best and freshest products directly from the farm – and delivered direct without the hassle of driving, parking and fighting in the supermarket aisles. The visual brand uses a muted palette and beautiful illustration to give it that trusted olde world vibe. The results were amazing with an increased uptake of home and office deliveries to the local area. They now have the brand, to confidently, be able to supply larger businesses such as cafes and restaurants.
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