Outsourcing your marketing: Do you need to phone a friend?

Let me tell you the story when that one time I almost turned into a bike mechanic… Yes, emphasis is on ‘almost’. 

The bike that broke my nail

So, four years ago I bought this fabulous, yellow Cruiser bike for my then 6 year-old daughter as a Christmas present. Me, being the super-planner, spent a long time online to find the best deal and fastest delivery. The best deal somewhat turned out to be a projected DIY effort. 

I hit ‘proceed to checkout’ as fast as lightning, throwing all caution to the wind. Just how hard could it be? Fast delivery meant I still had enough time to screw the fancy basket to the front of the bike and adjust the seat. So I thought.

When I opened the giant box hiding in the semi-darkness of my garage that’s when I promptly had a stroke. The ‘some assembly required’ clearly meant something different to me and the company I bought from (who shall remain nameless). There it was, a frame that still needed the handlebars, wheels, seat, bell, pedals, and yes, the damn basket.

The forever optimist in me shrugged, ‘hold my wine’. I pulled out YouTube and got to work. Lots of sweat and tears (and the re-telling of the infamous 2013 incident of the Build your own doll house that surely contributed to my divorce) later I had a bike on wheels, with a handlebar, seat, bells and whistles. Then I got to the brakes. 

Yes, that’s when I realised I know shit about bikes and some things I just can’t solve. I quickly phoned a friend who happened to be a bike mechanic and he turned up and put the damn thing together for a reasonable fee. Christmas and dignity saved, though I needed an emergency appointment with my nail technician. 

Moral of the story? 

You don’t know what you don’t know. Same goes for marketing

Getting all your marketing done in-house can only take you so far. You have two options, you can either go down the DIY road (and yes, there’s YouTube for that stuff, too), or you can hire a marketing specialist, who is more often than not a newbie to the industry, to save on cost.

Now, no offence to that fresh graduate, chances are that you already know way more than your boss, but the job is thankless. Apparently, today’s marketer has to be a copywriter, digital content creator, PR professional, crisis manager, analyst and overall communication professional rolled into one almighty person. 

Sounds as crazy as it reads. I can guarantee that no one can do the job justice under that much pressure, and I’m not even mentioning the forever overhanging cloud of ‘zero budget’.

The benefits to outsource your marketing efforts

The good news is, you can find professionals who can solve your problems and may even cost you less in the long run than hiring a new employee. Suddenly for less (or about the same) amount of money you have a team of specialists taking care of all your marketing and advertising needs.

They’re not just good at adding the handlebars to your marketing campaigns, and making sure that the damn thing rides and stops when it needs to. They can also monitor how the marketing efforts perform overall. Even better, they can offer a fresh perspective and will let you know when it’s time to jump to a BMX. Great stuff all around.

More time for you 

Of course, this will save time for you to run your business and focus on the things that you actually know. Over time you may even hire an in-house person to tie all the strings together, so finally you’re in full control.

However, the worst thing you can do is to sit scratching your head wondering why that single FB ad you keep running is not bringing in any business. Wouldn’t you agree, it’s time to phone a friend?

Do you have a story when you needed to bring in the big guns? Comment below. Or call us now (wink-wink).

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