The opportunity

QSuper, one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds developed a new product for members. The product was a finance aggregator tool that allowed all of the members finances to be shown in one simple location giving them an easy overview of their financial situation. QSuper needed to launch this product to it’s members and wanted to do something different to the usual safe financial product marketing.

The solution

Video content marketing was recommended as the best way to drive engagement with members to encourage new sign-ups to the product. We created a mini series of videos telling the story of Bill and Jill. Bill being a literal representation of Jill’s finances, and in the guise of a $50 note took centre stage of the series. Each episode was focussed around a major financial touchpoint in a member’s life, such as marriage, mortgages, children. The comedic execution allowed a traditionally boring topic such as finance to really become more human and as such drove engagement through social media to the QSuper Money Map site where members signed up in their droves during the campaign period. The overall sign up rate increased by over 70%.

This campaign was a finalist in the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club annual awards.

Watch the series for yourself…
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