Reuse and repurpose content to master the social media game

Life is busy enough. Spending tons of time creating content for your brand is time consuming, however, interesting and attractive content is also key for your socials. Creating it sounds daunting, we know. The answer? Repurposing content. (It will help you regain your life.)

Why repurpose content? Well, the benefits. 

First and foremost: TIME.

Creating original, valuable content is certainly very time-consuming, however, doing it in a batch can be a massive time-saver.


It’s not only a matter of sitting in front of the keyboard and spitting out content. It has to be valuable, and on-brand for your existing fans and be a show-stopper for those who don't know you just yet. Repurposing content will help you maintain the high quality your audience is used to. 


Bear in mind that not everybody is on every one of your communication channels. Depending on our personality, we may feel more drawn to one platform than another. Some people like reading, others absorb their information by watching videos, and for others audio is king. Therefore, repurposing content will help you reach them on every front. Think about it this way, you can take highlights from your most recent blog and share that on LinkedIn. This way, you can reach two audiences.

Last but definitely not least

have you ever heard a really interesting piece of information for the first time, moved on with your life and remembered it vividly the following week or month? Probably not. Memory is a highly complex process and our brain needs to receive the same information, from different sources, in different formats multiple times to click and make the connection. Which means, by repurposing content you are able to make sure the information you are sharing will stay top of mind for your audience.

How to repurpose? 

After spending so much time thinking, researching and creating, you end up with a great piece of content to publish on your socials for only a small percentage of people to see it. In one day (actually, in a few minutes) that awesome content will disappear in the mass of information that surrounds us. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and have a look at what we could do.

The most important factor to take into account is to create a strong content pillar. What is that you ask? Well, it’s a carefully crafted content topic that provides a great deal of value to your audience. 

Taking into account your voice and your audience preferences, the first masterpiece would probably be a video for the highly visual communicators, a blog post for the hyper structured avid readers, or a podcast for the extremely efficient talkers.

Now think of the COMPOUND effect. Let’s multiply each content pillar:

  • “Elementary my dear Watson”

Yes, it is elementary, but it still deserves a mention. Share your pieces of content on more than one platform and entice the audience to find out more by visiting your other social media channels.

Pro-tip: Don’t do it with every piece. When sharing exactly the same piece of content, do it sparingly and link it to the preferences of its audience.

  • Interconnected communications

Even though we are focusing on social media, the effort of creating content is a 360º for your whole brand. Every time you film a video, record a podcast, write a blog post think: could this be a feature page on my website?

Is there a PR opportunity here? Should this be included in my newsletters? Could this become a series and be sold as a digital product? Etc…Pro-tip: revisit your marketing plan to see how much more value you can add to one single piece of content to enhance your comms.

  • Mould it to different audiences

Did you create a blog post? Great! Now you have the structure to create a compelling video. Done? Extract the audio and turn it into a podcast. 

Bringing your information to life through different mediums will attract broader audiences and allow you to be on multiple platforms. 

Pro-tip: don’t just copy and paste. With a little extra effort, you can adapt the information to the energy of the delivery method. Don’t just read a script, but deliver a podcast or perform a video. Add your personality to each piece.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SocialmediaSunshineCoast_AdaptingContent-1024x683.jpg
  • From Macro to Micro 

If you are wondering how to repurpose content like a boss, just have a look at Gary Vee. He is a master of the CONTENT PYRAMID formula. Basically, from each content pillar, you would be able to create many pieces of micro-content (video snippets for fast-paced social platforms, social posts for each platform, highlights, quotes, articles, memes, stories, mashups, gifs, remixes, teasers, engaging questions, etc…)

Pro-tip: get some templates for your most used pieces of content to ensure the consistency of your brand image, or engage a professional to turn your masterpiece into lots of micro pieces of engaging on-brand content.

  • Think laterally

We often forget to go back to a topic that we have spoken about to broaden its scope. It is not exactly repurposing content, but it is a head start to produce fresh content that keeps adding value to the audience. For instance, on a content pillar about healthy nutrition, you mention that increasing your antioxidant intake is a great tactic. From there, you can create smaller pieces of content about each of the antioxidant sources. However, if you think laterally, you could also come up with a topic like “Are organic blueberries more nutrient-dense than non-organic ones?” or “are juices healthy?” (one of the issues of juicing may be that the amount of antioxidants is affected).

Pro-tip: go crazy in the brainstorming. You are an expert on your craft, so dive deep, form connections, and think about how to tie together topics that look like polar opposites. You never know what new ideas could be sparked.

Don't let your effort go to waste

Let’s be honest, nobody likes content that has been copied and pasted, but when done beautifully, repurposing content is a golden weapon, not only to keep attracting new audiences but also to engage and help them digest the information so that your business is front of mind when they need a professional.

Don’t be shy by posting your photo once. Give it new life, place it in a different context, wrap it up with some new words and bam! There you have it: content multiplied and ready to keep supporting your credibility.

Do you have a great example of repurposing content? Comment below. We can’t wait to hear it.

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