The opportunity

Melika Firouzeei and Hassan Rajabian engaged us at YBC to develop their dentistry branding. They are both dentists with a new clinic that is focussing on aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry. Melika and Hassan have had all tangible elements to start the new business, location/facility, equipment, staff and relevant qualifications/documentation. However, the key item - a strong brand - was missing. 

The result

The first step was to brainstorm a brand name - Sage Dentistry - that encapsulated the needs/wants and desired attributes of the business. Once the name was born, our team extensively engaged with Melika to develop the style guidelines, typefaces, colour palette, and logo. This was achieved in less than a month. The team is currently working on the Tone of Voice, communication styles and channels (website creation). In this process, the highlight is the seamless teamwork that made Melika and Hassan entirely comfortable and excited with every step, which resulted in a trusting and unlimited creative development.