We were born out of connection and passion! And we’re on a mission: Every business in the Sunshine Coast should thrive! And we are pumped to make it happen.
Your brand crew is a fusion of 2 businesses that thrived to uplift their clients and make their brands more attractive, engaging and successful, Hula Strategic and H2H Studios.
Our common values and interests brought us together and since we all believe in collaboration and growing together, that’s what we do.

The crew is a multicultural, multi talented team working like clockwork towards a common goal: turning our clients in customer magnets. Innovation and freshness are guaranteed with team members that come from very different places around the globe and bring a unique point of view to the work that we do.

We are all a bit obsessed… with the visuals, with business growth, with connection, with quality, with a wow experience, with making your job easier...with great work!


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