Standing Out in the Dental Industry


Client: Sage Dentistry & Cosmetics

Industry: Service Provider - Dentistry and Cosmetic Procedures.

Services Provided:

. Brand strategy
. Brand development (including naming the brand)
. Website development
. Portrait photography

The Opportunity

Melika Firouzeei and Hassan Rajabian, both experienced dentists, engaged YBC to develop the branding for their new dental clinic, focusing on both regular dentistry and aesthetic/cosmetic dental procedures. Despite having all the tangible elements to start their business—location, equipment, staff, and qualifications—the key component of a strong brand was missing.

The name originally proposed did not differentiate them from competitors and could have given the impression that they were just another regular dentist. Their special interest and deep knowledge of cosmetic dentistry, along with their desire to create a brand that was attractive, different, and more aesthetically pleasing than common dental practices, presented an opportunity to build a luxurious brand focused on making people feel good when visiting the dentist.

Our Deep Dive Approach

At YBC, we understand the power of branding for any business. Beyond a logo, a brand is how clients perceive a company and how they feel when they think about it. We committed to creating a stunning, unique brand that clearly represents the core of Sage Dentistry & Cosmetics and allows them to stand out from other dental practitioners on the Sunshine Coast.
01. Discovery Workshop
The YBC team conducted an extensive discovery workshop to understand and extract the uniqueness of Sage Dentistry & Cosmetics. Through several follow-up meetings with Melika and Hassan, we ensured that the newborn brand would reflect their vision for the future and what they were trying to build.
02. Naming the Brand
Before creating the brand, the team brainstormed a name that would stand out from the clichéd names of dental practices in the area. "Sage Dentistry" encapsulated the needs, wants, and desired attributes of the business. The name represents the wisdom that Melika and Hassan bring to the business and the calm, confident feeling patients have when they know they are in good hands. The use of "dentistry" suggests a more elevated professional service, giving a sensation of a boutique practice that is highly personalised and exclusive.
03. Branding Development
Once the name was born, our team worked closely with Melika to develop all the brand attributes that would shape the brand identity and the customer’s perception. The team developed the style guidelines, crafting typefaces, colour palette, logo, imagery, and the blueprint on how to use the brand and its collateral materials. This was achieved in less than a month.

Simultaneously, the team worked on the tone of voice, communication styles, and channels. This seamless teamwork and continuous alignment favoured a trusting and unlimited creative development that made Melika and Hassan comfortable and excited with every step.
04. Photography
People buy from brands because they like the people that run them. We feel identified with them, we admire them, and we enjoy interacting with them. Hence the importance of creating engaging portraits of Melika and Hassan to help their audience connect with them even before meeting them.

The photography needed to be consistent with the branding, hence the natural location that matches the earthy tones of the brand and the practice. The portraits are light, bright, and natural, thanks to the use of natural light only. The shadows are muted to avoid harsh contrast and get closer to those creamy earthy tones that represent the brand.
05. Website Development
The team developed a comprehensive dental website that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. The brand is carried out consistently across all elements of the website, and the message is clear and engaging.

The Result

Continuous communication with the client allowed the team to bring Melika and Hassan’s vision to life, creating a brand that clearly stands out from its competitors. Their personality, values, and exquisite taste are visible, making the brand alive and personable.

Client feedback has been very positive, with some expressing that Sage Dentistry’s stunning branding was the reason they chose Sage as their dental practice. Melika and Hassan now have a fantastic asset for their business and a comprehensive guide to help them and their team use the brand appropriately, ensuring cohesive and on-brand communications.


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