Why Sunshine Coast small businesses need strategic marketing services

Creating a new logo for your business is not the same as creating a brand.

Too often business owners engage someone to create a design on the cheap, without giving further thought to how people experience or interact with the final product that represents their brand.

Brands are perceptions. The way a business is perceived by those who experience it. More than just a name or logo, a brand is the intangible feeling that a product or business evokes, and you want those feelings convert into tangible results.

This is why it is essential for Sunshine Coast businesses to understand the deeper psychology behind what a brand is; why branding is so important and how they can benefit from strategic marketing services, regardless of their size, industry or longevity.

A strong brand needs strong strategy

For any marketing execution to work towards driving leads and sales for the business, it is vital to have a solid strategy from the outset.
Without a strategy you are essentially sailing blind and hoping for the best, and no one wants that, right?

Your Brand Crew works with a range of local businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to ensure their brand strategy is working effectively for their business.

The first step is understanding the business and its relationship with their customer.
Marketing Strategy Sunshine Coast Businesses

What are brand values and promises?

The most strategic approach to marketing a business involves working with the enterprise to research and build brand values and a brand promise.

This informs customer expectations and experiences whenever they interact with that business.

The more a business can deliver on that promise, the stronger the brand value becomes in the mind of customers, and the more likely they are to connect and hire or buy from you.

Who is your customer?

Knowing your target market and ideal customer is crucial. When you figure it out who you're talking to, your brand can be presented to them in a certain way, place and time that is uncannily perfect for them.

Take an organisation like Apple. They simply understand their customers so well that they deliver products the customer wants and needs, before the customer even know they do. This is no coincidence. It is all the result of their work in the brand space and understanding the customer.

Delivering a near perfect customer experience is even more essential now than ever. With strategic marketing services, Sunshine Coast businesses have a roadmap to success and are more likely to achieve this goal.

Do you really know your perfect client? What is his or her name? Where do they hang out? What do they love? What do they dislike? Take the time to think about it.

Mojo for your logo

Once you have developed your strategy, logo creation will certainly be more effective.

Your logo can be created or revamped to establish the face of the brand that customers will engage with for more than just what it looks like.
Even existing businesses and brands can benefit from a new look and feel, attracting new opportunities and customers – but always with a solid strategy first.

Brand new brands, now

With so many businesses moving their bricks and mortar operations online in response to social distancing, the online market is more competitive than ever. Even though the Sunshine Coast has been affected to a minor extent by COVID-19, local businesses still need a strong strategy and clever marketing services to cut through the clutter and grow, as the world moves into a more online new-normal.

With so many small to medium sized enterprises based on the Sunshine Coast, as the region grows these businesses are sure to grow, too. A little branding-help and marketing services from Your Brand Crew can speed up that growth and turn your business into a customer magnet.

A good marketing strategist can help your business with its brand journey at all life stages of commerce; fast becoming a business partner and mentor in all things marketing as a business pivots and grows.

More than just logos and branding

Your Brand Crew offers a range of marketing services for the Sunshine Coast and surrounding businesses, including creating annual marketing plans, graphic design, copywriting, public relations, content creation and fully managed social media and digital strategy.
We are a full service agency from strategy through to creative execution and analysis.

Are you a Sunshine Coast business starting out on your first branding adventure and need help with your marketing services? Do you already have a business brand overdue for a refresh from an exciting new creative agency?
Check out some of the great brands we have worked with, read more on our blog or book a coffee or whisky chat to discuss your brand and how we can bring your brand to life.
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