The award that changed our business

Wow! We finally did it. Your Brand Crew has won the Sunshine Coast Business Awards for Creative Industries (large) 2022. It still feels quite surreal, and it’s slowly sinking in. We couldn’t have done it without the team behind YBC, so what is better than individually reflecting on what this actually means to us all.


So, is it too early to say that applying to and winning the Awards has changed our business? Well, not really. Let us elaborate.

Looking back at 2019, Carlos and I embarked on the journey of entering our first business awards. Four years after setting up our business in Australia and three being in this outstanding community we felt we may have a chance at it. 

After many days of thinking, reflecting on the questions, and spilling the beans about our business, at 5:30 pm on submission day we realised we had lost half of our submission 😢 (the wonders of working online). Save your work people!!

We wanted to cry, kill each other and just give up. But we didn’t, we persevered and rewrote the whole application. Together, at 23:50 pm (10 minutes before closing time) we were finally able to submit it 🚀 

To our biggest surprise, we were shortlisted as Finalists and even though we didn’t win, the process was a great eye-opener. We finally saw our business with a fresh set of eyes, which resulted in so many improvements.

Fast forward three years… Phew… When we were announced as winners on Saturday night, we were so excited 😆🍾. Like every finalist, we took so much care in our application, the interview, and the whole process. So, yes, we felt amazing, like true winners.

The interesting thing is to look at what powered all of this in the background. Taking all that time to reflect, and to see our business from the outside helped us realise what we need to do to arrive at that winning moment together. 

We needed to craft an awesome team of talented, like-minded people and put further structure in place to really skyrocket our business. 

We took our learnings very seriously and refined our recruitment process looking for the right people. That brought a key member of our company to us, our super duper awesome Krissy 😍. She became a crucial brick in our building process. From then on, we kept growing and finding just the right people to grow our dream further.

Yet, after all the hard work, and another Finalist nomination in 2021 (we didn't win either that year), on Saturday night we were sitting with the team at our table, ready to have the best night, but convinced we wouldn’t win (actually, we convinced the whole table). 

When our category arrived there were barely any nerves. So, when they said our name, I wouldn’t be able to tell what anybody around did, but I can tell you what I said: “What the F*ck!!!”. My eyes opened wide 😲 and then started to fill with tears as I tried to get out of my chair.

But what I do remember is how everybody was cheering us and touching our hands on our way to the stage. We felt so LOVED.

We know that this is another turning point, not only because of the marketing opportunities that come with winning an award but also because this achievement is the reaffirmation that YOUR BRAND CREW is on the right path. 

We are determined to champion the Sunshine Coast as a CREATIVE HUB for talented individuals. Also, we have promised our employees that they will go up on stage, so now we have to apply again to go for the Hall of Fame achievement, to be able to have them there.


First and foremost, I'd like to thank the entire team for all of their hard work. I am proud of you guys, and I was also so proud of Carlos and Pat when they stood on the winner's stage with the actual business award 🥰

I know we didn’t expect to win this year because it was so hectic at work, and we didn't have time to think about the business awards program, but I believe we absolutely deserve it.

We work hard as a family, not as an employer and employee, and not even as a business and client! The teamwork and emotional support encourage us every day to love our job and do our best.

Love you guys and believe YOUR BRAND CREW is a winner every day after finishing every project 😊


Speechless! That was my reaction. Speechless! And for all of you who know me... you know that doesn't happen often. 😂

I was 100% certain that another business was going to win that night, 100%! So when our category was announced, I was just enjoying the moment, talking, smiling and then... I could hear on the speakers: and the winner is... YOUR BRAND CREW!

Oh man, even right now I have goosebumps when I remember that very moment!!

And then, for one of those rare occasions in my life, I was completely speechless. I didn't know what to do, what to say, how to react... Looking now at that moment I can see all the things I should have done (that I didn't of course): turn around and congratulate and kiss Patricia, congratulate all our team, take Patricia by her arm and walk with her towards the stage, smiling and nodding to everyone. Instead... speechless!!

With this face 😱😳, looking like an idiot, walking like a zombie between all those chairs and people smiling at me, forgetting that Patricia is still recovering from her knee surgery so she is walking slowly... Oh my gosh!!! What a moment!!

But then, I turned right to the stage and hugged my good friend Alister who stood up from his table to congratulate me and so did Jarrod too (thanks guys! that gave me just the right time to recover a bit and realised Patricia was there too! 😅😍😂) and then I took Patricia by her arm and together we walked up the stairs (slowly, but steady).

And then.. blackout. I don't remember much (unfortunately) but apparently, everything was fine and I was just myself again (maybe too much myself?). I can't wait to see any photos or recordings of that precious moment, so I can actually see how that went. 😎😊

This recognition means EVERYTHING to us, to me. When we moved from Spain to here, we knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it has been way more complicated than expected! Way way more!

Moral of the story: even when you are 100% certain of something, that doesn't mean it is right, or true. You can think/feel whatever you want, but then, the universe, the COMMUNITY come and change everything by telling what the truth really is.

I LOVE our community. I feel blessed and honoured to be part of this AMAZING COMMUNITY. Gracias to all of you! GRACIAS!


I am a new member of YOUR BRAND CREW. I have been with the crew mere months, so when it comes to being part of a dedicated, winning team of achievers that worked their butts off to receive such an award… well… I’m like that guy in the team who rocks up late to the party with no alcohol and is catching up by dipping into the punch (mmm… metaphorical gin and vodka).

One thing can be said though… seeing Carlos speechless on that podium was a rare moment 😉.

Another thing can be said. You don’t always have the luxury of starting a new job where your bosses welcome you with such open arms. As some of their clients will probably confirm, these people could be your spirit animal when it comes to being super-nice and accommodating. Well-deserved and well-received. Hopefully, I’ll keep growing with these guys, and live up to the expectations of the rest of these over-achievers. 


What is there left to say? How good is it that we won???

At any awards, there is meant to be a winner, and this year it’s us. It may sound cocky to an outsider but I know how much work we all put into this business for the past few years. Except for Josh, my Aaron-replacement (but he made up for it on the dance floor).

People only see the gala night, getting dressed up and acting casual (casually confident in my case) but they tend to forget the stress 🥵 that comes with actually growing a business.

I’ve been sitting in the first row for the past three years, watching Carlos and Patricia fighting every single fight that can ever hinder and pull under a business. Yet, they stayed afloat, they persevered and they grew. This award is bloody well-deserved if you ask me. Even if you don’t ask me, I’ll tell you, we won fair and square. And I can’t wait to win again next year.

The end.

Would you like to congratulate us, ask us how we did it, or just set up a meeting, so we can get you an award, too? Book a ☕ with Carlos, and let’s start an epic journey together!

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