Top 10 marketing tips for the rest of this spectacular 2021

s last year proved to be a mind-boggling example, marketing is one of those landscapes that changes so quickly. Let’s be honest here for a moment, it’s challenging to keep up with the best practices as it is, a pandemic is just another hurdle in the mix. Now, we’re halfway through 2021 which is weird because yesterday it was Christmas Day. Anyway not all is lost, you can still make this year count. Here are 10 tips to optimise your strategy for the second half of this year’s ride, so it appears that you know what you’re doing (wink-wink):

  • Look for Opportunities to Diversify
  • Chances are, your budget won’t allow you to chase every communication channel at once. You need to carefully select platforms that are most likely to bring strong returns from your investment (in human speak, find out where the best online place is to sell your stuff). So, first research your audience. Identify niche channels where you’re able to cut through the marketing noise, such as on YouTube, social media groups, etc. Then you can diversify your strategy knowing the payoff will be worth the investment (again, make sure to talk to the right folks at the right place at the right time, so they will know about you and will buy your stuff).

  • Embrace Paid Social
  • The majority of social marketers already use Facebook ads, and the platform’s advertising revenue continues to grow. To keep us on our toes, the rules tend to change a lot, and those pesky consumers now also have an opportunity to opt out from targeting and the lot (the audacity). Meanwhile, there is TikTok (more than just the Floss, peeps), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. These platforms are making it clear to brands that paid promotion is a must if you want to get visibility. Organic growth is now officially black and white cinema. If you want your social strategy to maintain or gain momentum, then you really should embrace paid socials.

  • Focus On Your Existing Content
  • Most marketers today understand they need to produce an incredible amount of content to build a traffic base. They often focus on creating new content (an absolute nightmare), overlooking the value in repurposing their existing content. TIP: if you want to keep up with today’s competitive markets, it’s important to use your current content to its fullest potential. Trust me, this blog is going to Linkedin, it’s already scheduled in our calendar.

  • Nurture Brand Advocates
  • Today’s audience looks for recommendations from their peers before purchasing. E-word of mouth and reviews are the golden ticket to the marketing chocolate factory. Your own consumers are a powerful resource to help you reach new audiences. To make the most of your brand advocates (true fans), create campaigns to incentivise them to spread your brand message. Create and nurture an online community and offer rewards for referrals. You can also create a branded hashtag and encourage audiences to use it. Beware, tides can turn quickly, so you need to spend a lot of energy here to be proactive, social listening is a must.

  • Constantly Optimise User Experience
  • Creating a message that speaks to your audience is only the first step to success in online marketing. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, it won’t drive conversions without an excellent website user experience. This includes improving site speed and navigation, ensuring your content is easy to consume on mobile devices, and more. If a customer needs to jump hurdles to buy your products, well, they won’t. Unless you’re selling 2 for 1 Margaritas. Where do I sign up?

  • Connect Online and Offline Strategies
  • Creating a consistent and excellent customer experience online and off is an important aspect of effective marketing. More and more businesses are using in-person events to influence audiences and get those much-wanted sales, but they often think of them as a separate marketing activity. To get the most out of in-person marketing, first identify what steps you want your audience to take after the event (e.g. engage with your emails, sign up for a free product demo, etc). Then create an online experience that nurtures them on this journey. The one good thing about the pandemic (from an evil marketing-y perspective) is that people now turn up at the opening of a letter just to get out of the house. Ride that trend, my friend. 

  • Prioritise Authenticity
  • This one is one of our most important marketing tips. Customers are steering clear of sales-y content, so brands need to develop better strategies to build authentic relationships with their audiences. One of the best ways to show authenticity with your marketing is by creating live content. Host a live podcast, stream Facebook Live videos, etc. Make mistakes and just go with the flow — you’ll be surprised how positively your audience will respond to it all. Use your voice, after all people want to buy from a real person. On that note, always find the right person on your team to shine. If you’re the boss but freeze in front of the camera like deer in a headlight, let someone else take one for the team.

  • Create a Strong and Memorable Message
  • Storytelling is the future of marketing. Customers see through the marketing agenda. They probably checked you out already, asked their friends and read the reviews. They know what you’re selling, warts and all. They want personality, emotions and entertainment, and above all, honesty. The more creative you get with storytelling, the more likely you’ll stand out and improve your brand image. 

  • Build Partnerships
  • Collabs with niche influencers, and much-loved and respected social media figures is a great way to advertise. Collaborate with other major players in your industry to reach a new audience and gain some social proof for your business. You can also enlist the help of micro-influencers to serve as your brand advocates on social media. Research is critical with this one, you should know who your audience wants to see, and your collab target should fit like a glove with your brand.

  • Make Performance Analysis an Ongoing Strategy
  • Any content without a sound strategy is just wasted. Ongoing audits and content analysis are your best friends to know just how well your socials are performing. The best part? You can make immediate improvements to optimise your content performance. Your marketing automation platform should offer you tons of ways to analyse and report the performance of your marketing efforts. Remember, numbers are your friend.

    There you have it. Our top 10 marketing tips to tackle the rest of 2021. Feels like an overwhelming list? Why not give us a quick call to see how we can make your brand stand out.

    Do you think this is an extensive list? Would you like to add more to it? Please leave us a comment.

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