The Unwritten Rules 

of the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a terrific little paradise with welcoming locals, spectacular scenery and fantastic experiences. What else would you expect with that name?
We deliver sunshine (well, most of the time), adventure tailored for big and small (take your pick), local delicacies (the Australian cuisine does exist here), and memories that last for a lifetime.
After visiting the Sunny Coast, your life will be transformed. Say goodbye to the rat race and settle in for a chilled holiday with many surprises on the way. We guarantee you won’t wipe the smile off ya face.
Fair warning: there are three main unwritten rules that the Sunny Coasters live by... be careful, you will feel so "at home" that you’ll adapt in no time.

Up & Running at the Crack of Dawn

We are an early bunch. The first ray of sunshine sends us into a frenzy to swim, jog, walk the dog or even just to catch up with friends for a freshly brewed coffee. Mind you, our coffee is legendary. Did we mention that breakfast is our religion? …and we have so many options to choose from…

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Worries

Leave your shoes at the airport. Seriously. Our region is laidback beyond belief, and when in Rome… or rather when on the Sunny Coast, time will stop. Enjoy our lifestyle from the beach to the hinterland with the same chilled ‘no worries’ attitude. You won’t regret it.

Savour The Little Things

Forget the mad rush of the city. Rediscover friendships and family under our starry skies. Sure, you will enjoy a cocktail or two in one of our many award-winning restaurants but nothing can beat a night that is truly outdoors. Settle for a late night beach adventure or a rooftop party… and you’ll want to savour those moments until next time.
Still wondering about the perfect destination? No worries, we’ve got it covered.
Check this out… For real.
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