Creating a path towards interculturalism with Welcome Newcomers

Client: Welcome Newcomers

Industry: Community Development / Event Management / Education

Services Provided:
. Research and Discovery
. Project creation and foundation
. Strategic Plan
. Brand Creation
. Brand Implementation and collateral designs
. Website Design
. Social Media Creation and Management

The Challenge

Australia is a multicultural country, home to the world’s continuous cultures.This rich cultural diversity is one of Australia’s greatest strengths and considered to be central to its identity, and the Sunshine Coast is not exempt from this cultural reality. However, due to the disconnection between migrants, refugees, new settlers and people from different cultural backgrounds, with the wider local community, there is no real integration. The Welcome Newcomers Initiative attempts to turn this challenge into an opportunity, moving from Multiculturalism to Interculturalism.

Our Deep Dive Approach

At Your Brand Crew, we never cease diving deep into every project to explore the most prolific solutions to overcome the challenges. For the Welcome Newcomers Initiative, our approach was comprehensive and strategic, from an idea to help the community to an actual project that is alive.
1. Research and Discovery
An extensive research was conducted before even starting to craft the strategy. YBC came to the conclusion that there is no organisation, organism or company that tackles this issue in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, or even Australia as in depth as the Welcome Newcomers initiative aims to do. During the research and interviews, new opportunities for networking and collaboration arised; and we gathered information that made clear the need for this initiative to become a reality. There is not a single, unified space where newcomers can access all the relevant and necessary information to settle and live their lives peacefully. There is where YBC realised the need to create a space, The Space Where Everyone Belongs. And that’s how this became the tagline of the initiative.
2. Project foundation
Due to YBCs social commitment to the multicultural area and after attending several meetings where important stakeholders have been present, we noticed the necessity of being able to interpret the need of a space that could group all the great ideas coming out of these gatherings and put them in one place.

After a bit of brainstorming and realising that this common factor was present at every single meeting, we felt compelled to do our part and started the work around the concept. This has been shared within the community and it has received a very good response.
3. Long-term vision
Based on our initial findings through conversations with locals and businesses we have crafted an initial document stating the current challenges that exist within the community and how these could be taken as opportunities to move forward in a better way.

The path to achieve these has been set in 3 phases: Engagement, Education, and Empowerment; in a span of 2+2+2 years. We also outlined four main causes to tackle and crafted a detailed action plan to be implemented during the first (and maybe second) year since the start of the project.

In order to show this is a sustainable project with great longevity, YBC listed a series of areas, goals and actions to follow for the next 4 years of the initiative. This long-term idea includes a series of goals that could perfectly be achieved if the Plan is followed as per our suggestions, and updated as the initiative grows and expands to meet its needs; aiming to become a nationwide initiative that could help newcomers not only in the Sunshine Coast or Queensland, but in all the other states in Australia.
4. Brand Creation and Visual Identity Development
YBC recognised the need to create a memorable and impactful brand that represents community, interculturalism, and diversity. Guided by keywords like Guidance, Inclusivity, Community, Diversity, and Growth, our design team crafted a brand that evokes warmth, home, and connection. The brand uses different sizes and colours of shapes to symbolise the richness of diverse cultures coming together as one. Its seven shapes represent each continent, with rings growing like tree rings to symbolise rooting, guidance, and journey.

The colour palette is warm and earthy, featuring shades like yellow, clay, green, and deep navy blue, each named to give personality, such as the Sun for yellow and Earth for clay. This scheme feels joyful, creative, natural, honest, smart, trustworthy, and familiar. The organic, dynamic shapes are intertwined for an approachable and playful feel, symbolising newcomers enriching the community with their cultures.

The Visual Identity of the Welcome Newcomers initiative clearly represents the core values of the project, its creators, and its future beneficiaries. YBC developed all necessary marketing materials, including presentation slides, one-pagers, merchandise, and sketches of a sustainable physical space made from shipping containers. The main touchpoint of the brand is The Space, the website, which will evolve as the project grows.
5. Website Design. Creating the first stage of ‘The Space Where Everyone Belongs
The design team of YBC, with the help of the strategy team for copywriting, developed the first stage of an intuitive, user-friendly website to showcase all relevant information, in an easy-to-access way, that every newcomer might need to get started when they arrive in the region. The website will serve as a central hub for essential/fundamental information in relation to legislation, visas, healthcare, education, transport, housing, events, community organisations, and more. A centralised directory of information that will help newcomers find their way through an already difficult journey without the hustle of endless browsing through numerous websites.

On a long-term vision, YBC envisions The Space to become even a window for businesses, non-profit organisations and communities to create their own user account and publish their events, job opportunities, workshops and services.
06. Social Media Management
YBC believes Social Media is a powerful tool for communication and community connection and engagement. 

Therefore, we created accounts on all major platforms to amplify the reach of the initiative, engage with the target audience and potential partners /sponsors/ collaborators, share updates, and build anticipation for the project to be launched. These channels will also be used to share events related to newcomers, education and community, as a way to promote local opportunities.

The Result

At this stage we have created the foundations of this project, allowing us to demonstrate through its logo, website and philosophy, that we are on the right track to help the different stakeholders to make their lives easier with communicating what needs to be communicated to the thousands of newcomers on the Coast.

We are only at the beginning of this project and have invested valuable pro-bono time to build what we believe will be a game changer and eventually make a real impactful social change within the community.

We are hoping that different stakeholders, community organisations, government, local council and businesses can see the value of this project and assist with funding this initiative that will assist newcomers in feeling that sense of belonging that they are currently missing.


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