The opportunity

Wesley Hyperbaric, the first and only private medical grade hyperbaric facility in Queensland. After serving patients for over 20 years, it was time to look at the next 20 years and to bring the brand up to date to ensure patient and health professional engagement.

The solution

We assessed at the brand to get a deep understanding of the audience – both patient and health professional. We discovered that it was very technical in the way it communicated. Often too much copy using scientific jargon and missing out on the basics of what their brand offered. We even went hard and advised a name change, from the long-winded “The Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine” and shortening it to a much easier and friendlier Wesley Hyperbaric. The overall result of the rebranding exercise was the delivery of a much friendlier, easy to connect with, modern visual brand with a softer and broader colour palette along with a clean sans serif font.

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