What to do with your business before the end of the year?

Christmas is here!!!

OMG! Can you believe we are already in DECEMBER 😱😱😱? Yes, we certainly can and know you are looking forward to the Christmas break as much as we are.

So first things first. Is your outfit ready for all the festivities??? Are you going for some bling bling or you got some new bathers and thongs?

Now, let’s be serious for a moment and tackle what to do with your business before the end of the year.

Have you prepared your pre-holidays communications? Christmas cards, holiday promotions, info on closing hours, last EDM of the year?? …. If not, you are cutting it very short. We love risk takers, but believe us, it could be much less stressful if we don’t wait till the last minute.

So, take a few hours, and prepare the essentials. Here are some ideas:

  • Out of the office automated email
  • Christmas cards for clients and staff
  • Last newsletter of the year
  • Merry Christmas and Happy new year social posts
  • Holiday promotions
  • Email for customers to remind them about closing times
  • Info pop-up on your website about the holiday hours
  • Special holiday hours on your Google my business
  • Organising secret santa or it’s naughty version “stealing santa” with the crew

Pick as many as you want, but do them straight away, or they will never come to life. Brownie points: schedule them and start getting into the holiday mood.

On Track?

Now, it’s time to make sure that we are on track!

We know, we know, holidays are around the corner and the last thing we want to do is think hard about our business, but why not make it fun? 

Go to your ocean, take off your shoes, pour yourself a nice glass of wine (or whatever rocks your boat) and a tasty platter of cheese and crackers (everybody likes that, right?). Let your mind flow!

We recommend some pen and paper, or your preferred digital way to dream and plan. You will want to review these notes. What a waste of time having all those huge thoughts and letting the wind take them away. 

Start with an audit 

How was this year for you and your business? Take a walk down memory lane towards the beginning of the year, when you were having a nice glass of bubbles and celebrating baby 2023 with your loved ones. Sure there were big plans in your head for the year ahead. So let’s see how it went, shall we?. Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t?
  • Did I have a purpose?
  • Did I act according to that purpose?
  • Is my business fulfilling its mission?
  • Are my vision, mission and values still relevant and at the forefront of everything I do?
  • Is my brand still relevant? Does it represent my business?
  • Did I communicate with my audience?
  • Did I know who I was talking to?
  • Did I have a clear destination in mind?
  • Is my vision of grandeur scary enough? And am I going for it?
  • Did I exceed my goals?
  • Did I fall short?
  • Did I follow a plan?
  • Am I getting closer to my big hairy audacious goal?

If you have some (or many) no’s, then ask yourself “Is my heart still in this?”. It’s time to “stop the water” (instead of letting yourself go) and reconnect with YOUR VISION.

It’s time to think big!

Look, life is too short to simply wander

Feeling fulfilled, happy and pumped for the things to come is the heartbeat of life. We dedicate such a big chunk of our existence to work, that we better make something that makes a true impact, don’t you agree?

Think limitless, dive deep into your wildest dreams and desires and commit to your biggest hairy audacious goal yet. 

Now, let’s roll our sleeves and start strategizing how to reach it. Have a think about these:


  • Why am I on the earth for?
  • Why is my business operating?
  • How can I make the biggest impact?
  • Who do I dream to work with?
  • If I (and my business) could only do one more project, what would that be?

We really like the concept of building today the body of work you want in five years, like the ultimate portfolio to get the most inspiring, thrilling and fulfilling job of your life.

Think that the person you admire the most in the world would love to work with and has created a super duper personalised project that fits every single bit of your being.

Think of the awesome work you have done that you would love to show, but also think of that work that you have never done but would love to do. That work that that person would be blown away with (and therefore bring you onboard to reach new heights together). Exciting? 

We know this concept is easy to understand for visual disciplines (i.e photography, painting, design, architecture…), but it can apply to anything. Maybe it means getting a particular education or certificate, maybe growing to a certain level before being able to reach that person, or winning an award or creating a whole new profession that combines more than one discipline that traditionally don’t go together. It could be anything. 

What could you build to get the opportunity of doing what you really really want to do next.

Now, think step by step:

  • What does my best year look like?
  • What can I do next year to get closer to my dream project?
  • What do I want to achieve this year?
  • What do I need to let go off?
  • Who do I need to become to achieve this? (Think about the people that are where you want to be and what are their attributes and behaviours)
  • Who is already there and how can I meet them?
  • Who do I need to bring into my life and business to achieve my vision?
  • What are my goals?
  • What are the milestones in between?
  • What do I want to do differently?
  • Where can I improve next year?
  • What are my vision, mission and values?
  • Who are my true competitors at this moment?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What is my key message?
  • What are the strategies that I want to focus on?

End of the year cheer

After all that hard (but fulfilling) work, it’s time to embrace the holiday vibe and start the celebrations with the people that make your business run. Clients, team, and all of the awesome cheerleaders that brighten our days along the year (this is an incredible community and we all have raving fans that support us along the way).

Party with your crew! They are key to your success, what would we do without them?

It’s not only about the work they do, it’s about the care (and the support that cannot be paid), the endless fun, the enrichment that each of them bring to everybody else's ideas, the commitment to make an impact and help you reach your vision… They are the family members that want to see you succeed. Party a lot! 

Celebrate with your loved ones. Your partner, your family, your best friends, they are the ones rooting for you. Sometimes listening, others making things easier for you, others simply talking about you behind your back (and telling everyone how awesome you are). Do something special for them. Don’t make it about Christmas, but rather about their awesome contribution to your life and your business.

Thank your customers. Whether you have 1or 1000, tell them how much you appreciate them. It can be the Christmas card that we were talking about, a gift, taking them for lunch… let them know how much you value them and the impact that they have had in your business.

Think of that person that you absolutely love to work with. The one that pushes you to the extreme, but values you as if they had won the lottery when they met you. Or the one that makes your life so easy by being organised, giving you the time and notice you need, providing the best feedback… Of course, for anyone else, be as personal as you possibly can, but for these guys… you need to hit bullseye. Think about all you know about them as people (not business relationship) or stalk them to find out something that will make them truly smile. It can be as simple as a jar of pistachio butter 🤪 or as fancy as a luxury seafood cruise, that is up to you of course, but please please please: Make it personal.

Get ahead of the curve

Last, but definitely not least you can make one last bit of effort to guarantee next year's success.

Start creating momentum now! 

Here are some ideas:

  • Forget about “tomorrow I’ll start going to the gym”, “on Monday I will call this person” and “next year I am going to be much more organised”. It is always so hard to start something from scratch, so why not do teeny tiny things to start generating energy?
  • Is there a goal that you have been neglecting and is starting to look stale? Maybe a little mouldy? Get rid of it, cross it off your list.
  • On that note, read through your to-do list and find something that you have been putting off for ages and just do it! Or delete it forever.
  • Make a vision board
  • Clean up your desktop or back up your phone.
  • Look at the tasks that cause you to waste most of your time and try to get rid of 20% of them, or do that one thing that would make them go 10 times faster.
  • Check if you have any double ups (i.e. two linkedin profiles, several working devices, multiple notebooks) and focus on getting rid of what you don’t need or creating very clearly defined zones for each.
  • Create or update your weekly planning routine. Do something to make it a habit, like getting an alarm clock (not your phone) that sits on top of your journal or ipad or whatever planning tool you use and set the alarm for your best thinking time everyday.

Feeling extra motivated and pumped to have your best year yet? Take real action!

Start planning the year

  • What are the steps you need to take to reach your goals? Write them down.
  • What are you going to be talking about? Create a communication strategy and plan your marketing initiatives. Start with the obvious (Valentines, Easter, EOFY, winter, Mother and Father’s day, black friday, Christmas… they are going to happen, so put them in the calendar) and then decide on “what is going to happen when nothing is happening?” (are you launching a book in November, rebranding in August, delivering training in march, delivering a leader's retreat in september?) Put it in the calendar and make it happen.
  • Create new assets for your business. A new Facebook banner, refreshed headshots of the team, a video talking about how amazing this year is going to be and how pumped you are about it. People love new things and excitement so do some excitement-prepping (like meal prepping but for your business).
  • Plan and schedule as much as you can.

And now…. Grab your favourite cocktail and go sit by the ocean. You have definitely earned it.

We hope you have enjoyed this light reading 🤣🤣🤣 and you pick up some ideas and motivation. We definitely are super excited to get ready for 2024. 

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