Why is photography so important for your business's success?

Great business photography is like a Swiss knife, a tool with multiple, super cool possibilities, ready to slay the chaos and uncover the power of your business.

Photography connects YOU with your audience

There are many opinions about why photography is important, but for us, it is all about people, but there are always those additional tools on the Swiss knife, that you may not use that much, but when you need them “Oh boy! They are handy.”

First of all, we are social creatures, so we crave connection. We like to know who is behind the business that we are buying from. What is their story? How did they start? What makes them passionate about their craft? What are they all about? We want to get to know the people we are going to form a relationship with.

Carlos and I are very much like that. Every time we looked for a service we wanted to engage with (accountant, lawyer, electricity provider, where we get our clothes, etc..) we took the time to get to know the people behind the business. So every time we encounter a faceless business, it becomes a huge roadblock, many times to the point that we don’t even consider that brand. They may be fantastic at what they do, but there is no way to quickly relate. That is why photography for business is paramount.

Dare to be the face of your business, because that is the connection your client is looking for.

On that note, why not show them a little bit of who you really are? Of course, we want to engage with professionals, but giving a hint of your personality will help your audience relate to you and your team. Have you looked at our about page? Fun and quirky define us, but still, each one of us is different. Of course, our little blurbs will tell you all about it, but our photos connect directly with your subconscious. 

Photography speaks volumes about your brand

Similar to the previous amazing tool/use of photography, there is so much subliminal meaning that your photos can uncover about your brand.

The style of the photo, the quality, and what and how the subjects are portrayed can strengthen or weaken your brand.

Think of a brand of fresh and light cosmetics with a mature female audience that uses natural organic ingredients for their products. Now picture a very contrasted photo of a young girl with a dark background, very heavy makeup, and casual clothes.

What happens if you put them together?

Well, it certainly doesn’t work, because the photo doesn’t transmit what the brand and the business are all about.

When thinking about photography for your business, consider what your brand stands for, follow “the guidelines” and don’t look for contrast or something different. Think about how your photography compliments your brand and what it would say about it. A helpful way to envision the photos that you need is to create a mood board (Pinterest is your best friend here) with photos that evoke your values. It doesn’t mean that you have to copy those photos, but you will have a strong starting point when you discuss with your professional photographer what you are looking for.

Photography is impactful

No one can deny that good photography grabs one’s attention, but why?

Photography has the power to generate emotions. A beautifully captured moment in time, preserved for eternity, is worth stopping for a second. Our brain feels a stimulus because it connects with that moment. It may be a laugh, reminding you of how amazing life is, a sensation of trust and belonging, or some action that relates to your dreams.

In any case, great photography will make y

our audience feel something. They will want to jump on your scooter for a joy ride or give you a call because they can feel that they can trust you or contact you to help them with that exact problem that you are showing you can solve. Don’t underestimate the power of photography.

Photography is a language

Almost two-thirds of the population are visual. That means that they understand, learn and retain information much more easily when it comes in a visual format.

Photography has the ability to make a concept easier. It doesn’t need a lot of complicated words to transmit a message. It can give so much information in just a second. This makes photography the most effective language, conveying accurate detailed information at the speed of light. 

At the same time, photography is relatable. Your audience can imagine how your product or service can impact their life. They can fall in love with your product and retain that picture in their minds until they finally engage with you. They know what to expect and they aspire to have that in their lives.

What are you waiting for? “Don’t tell, SHOW!”

When you care, your customers care

Paying attention to the quality of your photos is like dressing properly for a meeting with a prospect or for an interview for your dream job.

High-quality photos mean that your brand appreciates quality and that you provide a quality product or service.

Would you have your hair cut by someone who has terrible hair? Probably not, right? (I know I wouldn’t). High-quality photography inspires credibility and shows that your business is professional and reliable.

Professional photography is easy and cost-effective

Investing in professional photography may seem expensive at first, but have you thought about the time, headaches, and trouble it saves you?

A few weeks ago we did a photoshoot for Oggy E-Scooters. They needed new content to support their brand, send to the media and help people visualise their product. 

They loved the photos. The next time we saw Kate at a networking event she mentioned it again and said, “It’s so easy. I have all the photos in the right size. Every time I need one, I take it, send it, or post it and it's done! "

Having a professional bring your product or service to life means that you will get a high-quality product. It also means that you will get a point of view closer to your clients’ because it is not our product and we can see its possibilities as your client would see them.

Moreover, after one session, you will have a great variety of images (from the right angle, directed to your client, with interesting perspectives, extremely shareable, with your brand style in mind…) to use in many different situations. Your images can be repurposed and their lifespan extended even more. 

Our best tip: dedicate time to planning the session and help your photographer see what you envision.

Photography increases engagement

As mentioned previously, almost 2 thirds of the population are visual people. 

According to this article, on average, people only remember 10% of the information they came across three days ago. This increases to 65% retention when paired with an image.

The same article mentions that: Images on Facebook receive 20% more engagement than videos and 352% more engagement than links and other interesting statistics.

This data is not surprising taking into account the fact that most of us are visual people. Have you stopped for a moment to think about your own habits? 

I know that I’m in fact in the 67% of consumers that are more likely to buy a product with an image than without it. Actually, I don’t think I would. If you have read Krissy’s blog post about how she fell in love with her yellow boots, you will know that the copy spoke directly to her, but she wouldn't have stopped to think about the boots in the first place if she hadn’t been able to see them.

Photos carry meaning… and data!

I told you before that photos are such a great vessel to carry information to help with your SEO. 

Literally, photos can help people find you on the internet. Descriptions, tags, geolocation, titles, KEYWORDS, alt-text and all that jazz, will turn your images into a weapon of mass destruction. Well not really, they are more a weapon of mass information, to tell google about your business and help it guide your future clients into your arms baby. You are welcome!

Plus, one photo has multiple uses. If you have read some of my blog posts, you may know by now that I like things that have multiple uses and can be repurposed. So, using your photos in multiple channels is a very efficient way to keep on top of everything. Just have a read of THIS blog post if you need some ideas. Repurposing your photos is also a fantastic way to keep consistency and help people recognize your brand. Just make sure that you don’t say the exact same words over and over again.

In conclusion

As the overused (although still true) adage states “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The conscious, the unconscious and all the hidden meanings of an image collide for the common purpose of communication and connection.

So, if you are still wondering why photography is important for your business, we invite you to share a view into your business that others wouldn’t usually see and CONNECT with your audience. “SHOW. Then tell”.

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